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    "Changing Lives For The Better"

    Kelley is a Realtor Associate with the Belt Team. Originally from New York, Kelley graduated from SUNY Albany with a BA in Political Science. She moved to DC to pursue an MA in Political Science. Kelley began her Real Estate career as a Showing Agent while doing her graduate studies at American University and she fell in love with real estate. Upon completion of her MA, she decided to make real estate her career. Years in the political arena have armed Kelley with two things that superbly benefit her clients - fierce negotiating skills and a passion for helping others. She uses these skills to advocate for her clients and guide them through the home buying/selling process. As a life long runner, Kelley understands the importance of getting her clients to the finish line! When not assisting clients she enjoys running, cycling and hiking with her dogs.


    TIRELESS, TENACIOUS, DEDICATED, PROFESSIONAL, EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS -- just a few of the superlatives that come to mind when I reflect on Kelley Johnson's efforts to get my family into our first home. We were trying to buy a house in some of the most competitive neighborhoods in Northern Virginia at a time when houses were being sold above asking price after being on the market for less than a week. Further complicating matters, we were living in Florida at the time, so we had only limited opportunities to look at the properties in person. I do not exaggerate -- Kelley must have shown us over 100 houses over the course of six months. Any other realtor would have given up on us, but Kelley was nothing but patient, persistent, and diligent. She picked me up at the airport and drove us all around northern Virginia, often taking us to see 15 houses in a day. If we weren't in the area to see a house that we liked, Kelley would visit the house by herself and send us a narrated video! It was truly a level of service above and beyond anything I could have expected. When we finally found a great house for our family (in a neighborhood we wouldn't have found without Kelley's prompting, by the way), Kelley got our offer accepted well under asking price -- a remarkable feat in such a competitive market. As if this were not enough, we discovered some outstanding permitting issues during the inspection process, which caused us a little stress. Kelley calmly told us she would take care of it -- and she delivered. Kelley worked with the seller's agent, contractors, and the county government to get all issues resolved prior to closing. I was so impressed at and grateful for this level of service -- one would be hard-pressed to find another realtor capable of delivering these results. Kelley is a one of a kind realtor -- a true professional who will go to incredible lengths to get your family into a home you love. Hire her as your realtor -- you'll be glad you did." (September 2018)

    Kelley Johnson

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